Combine wellbeing and performance!

The most important assets of every company are the women and the men composing it. To ensure the company’s success, the wellbeing of the employees is a major challenge, having a direct impact on their performance and hence the results of the company.

However, the current climate in many companies can be gloomy, accentuated in recent years by the economic crisis. This generates tension and pressure, causing stress, physical and psychological disorders for employees such as exhaustion, back ache, anxiety, depression or burn out. These disorders represent real costs for the company in terms absenteeism, turnover, lower productivity, etc.

By investing in the wellbeing, health and personal development of its employees, to promote satisfaction and performance,  companies create a positive and stimulating environment, improving internal communication, creativity and effectiveness.

The benefits of introducing a corporate wellness programme are multiple:

For the company:
• Reduced absenteeism due to stress-related disorders
• Increased creativity and individual as well as collective performance
• Talent retention and development

For the employees:
• Reduced health problems and stress-related disorders
• Better work/life balance
• Increase in satisfaction and motivation
• Personal wellbeing

Because the wellbeing of your team members is a major key to the success of your company, Konki puts all its energy and expertise at your service to imagine, create and manage wellness, sport and health activities.

Our services include sports activities & group classes (“start to run”, Nordic walking, Yoga, Zumba, Tai chi,...), health & wellness workshops (relaxation, nutrition, health checkup,…), personal development seminars (work/life balance, stress management, coaching,…), in-company seated massage and teambuilding activities. We also help you create and manage your company’s corporate wellness programme.

Warning: The use of our services may create an extreme state of relaxation and a boost of energy as well as a certain addiction!