Our Philosophy : Combining well-being and performance

Founded in 2006 , Kon'ki aims to improve the well- being of individuals, both in the private and professional spheres. Our sports, health & wellness activities significantly reduce tensions caused by stress and act directly on satisfaction, motivation and performance. Balanced and happy individuals and not only more motivated but also more efficient!

Kon'ki means energy and perseverance in Japanese, two essential factors to enjoy life and achieve personal development .

Respect, Trust and Integrity are the values ​​that guide us.

Konki pays particular attention to the quality of the service provided. Active member of the Belgian Association of Seated Massage and of Psy.be, the therapists' network, Konki is very selective in recruiting partners, trainers and massage therapists whatever their field of expertise. Each practitioner is tested and rigorously evaluated. In addition, all practitioners in massage and other specialties sign a Code of Ethics setting out the basic rules related to their field of expertise.