Relaxation et Do-In
In the Asian disciplines, breath is the basic element of a balanced life, connecting our body, mind and emotions. This workshop proposes relaxation techniques centered on Yoga's breathing techniques, Makko Ho (meridians' stretching) and Do In.
Do in, also called Tao In, is a Japanese technique based on shiatsu. It consists of self-massage in the form of pressures, light touch or stretching intended to rebalance the energy flows through the meridians and to improve our health. The workshop allows participants to learn basic techniques of self-massage.


Yoga is meditation in action. The mind focuses on posture and breath while physical tensions and psychological resistances give way to relaxation and introspection. The seated version allows yoga to be practiced everywhere, even at work!




Pilates is a recent technique aiming at improving muscular efficiency. Through a series of exercises, one learns to activate the weaker muscles and release the stiffer ones to restore a better balance of the muscular structure. More than 500 exercises combining breathing and movement are practiced on the floor or using specialized devices.The Pilates method corrects the posture, improves body strength, flexibility and coordination and eliminates stress through specific breathing techniques.


Tai chi chuan

T'ai chi ch'uan is a thousand-year-old discipline based on a fundamental model of balance stemming from the Chinese philosophy. Its positive impact on the physical and psychic well-being was demonstrated by numerous studies. T'ai chi ch'uan invites to cut oneself from the "yang" mode (action, activity, word), most valued in our culture and at the origin of many disorders (stress, insomnia, muscular tensions, depression). By focusing the mind on the body and breath, T'ai chi ch'uan restores active and passive energy balance.


Nordic walking
Less aggressive than jogging, Nordic walking is a complete sport. Practiced outdoors, with walking poles, it makes the whole body work by strengthening various muscular groups and improving physical condition and endurance. This type of walking improves the energy flow throughout the body and favours oxygenation of the brain and body cells. It eases pressure, prevents osteoporosis and reduces the risks of falls and injuries.


Health & Wellness checkup

A healthy lifestyle is the basis of our wellbeing. Yet few of us take time to go through a regular medical checkup.This workshop, supervised by a qualified medical staff, allows participants to verify their main health indicators such as blood pressure or BMI (body mass index). Following the tests, personalized advice is given, individually and confidentially.



Food habits have considerably evolved since the middle of the 20th Century. Diets based on high fat and strong energy food have replaced traditional diets, provoking an increase of chronic diseases of nutritional origin such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers and osteoporosis. This workshop, led by professional nutritionists and dietitians, aims at helping participants to better manage their personal diet and to acquire healthy habits in order to boost their energy, improve their health, optimize their weight and reduce their stress.


Style & Color

Discover your 'season colors' and learn how to emphasize your best features, improve your look and hence increase your self-esteem! Taking into account personal lifestyle, preferences and occupation, our image consultants advise participants individually on makeup, hairstyle and clothing  in order to improve their general look and style. This workshop truly allows participants to 'feel better' and boost self-confidence!