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Dynamic Seniors

Our activity will allow you to maintain and develop your physical capacities as well as to have the pleasure of meeting each week for a session with friends in a pleasant setting and a friendly atmosphere. Don't forget to take your sports equipment, dumbbells, straps and drinks.

The annual fee is set at the sum of € 100 to be paid to the account of the ASBL or at the reception of the Calypso swimming pool.

As a reminder, a medical certificate attesting to your aptitude to practice the gymnastics course must be submitted as soon as possible after registration.

Monday from 3 to 4:30 p.m. all year round (except during school holidays)

Boitsfort Center School, place Andrée Payfa-Fosseprez, 2, 1170 Brussels

MONITOR - Mr. Elias Sels


- € 100 to be paid on the account of the ASBL PARC SPORTIF DES TROSI TILLEULS

- Bank account : IBAN BE42 0680 3287 6054, mentioning "dynamic seniors and your name".

- Payment also possible at the reception of the Calypso swimming pool.

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