Price : 380.00 Eur

Brussels (School year)

Kiddy Junior Classes
Rue de l' Industrie 40, 1000 Brussels (Arts-loi, Trône metro station - Bus 12, 54, 21, 27, 64)

• 2nd child payment discount : -15.00 Eur
• Pedagogical material & enrolment fees : 50.00 Eur

​​​​​​Our tutors teach their mother tongue in a lively way.
The active method which targets the oral and writen communication is the most natural way of learning a foreign language.

  • From 6 to 11 yrs. old: The learning process is naturally realized through games, music, songs, gestural expression, theatre, etc… We approach the foreign language by exercises and role-plays based on daily situations and in link with their interests, their favorite characters, games and enriching activities.

In the “Languages of the World” courses the cultural aspects associated to the different countries are fully integrated. Discovering the countries through literature, customs, films and also typical dishes gives an extra motivation to understand and speak the language.

module Jan.- June

Module periods January to June