Courses at sea
Dutch or Engels course
& water activities in De Panne

 09/03/2022  00:00

Summer holiday camps
Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
& artistic or creative activities

Language and sport courses (4-14 yrs)
Dutch, English, Frenchs
& badminton, dance, foot discovery, fun challenger, geocaching, multisport, cycling discovery

Teacher job - Dutch
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 31/03/2022  00:00

School Year groups 2022-2023

Dutch - Chinese - English - French
Arabic - Lingala - Russian - Turkish

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Private course Individual | group course

 Private courses 
All languages

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Holiday courses non - residential

 Boost on language courses 
Dutch - English - French

Infos vacances

Extracurricular Group

 In the school 
Languages of your choice

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